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Software Engineer – Full stack developer

   Back Region: Belgium Kind of contract: Open-ended Work regime: Fulltime Location: BE - Louvain-la-Neuve
Retour Région: Belgium Type de contrat: Open-ended Régime de travail: Fulltime Lieu: BE - Louvain-la-Neuve
Zurück Region: Belgium Art des Vertrages: Open-ended Arbeit Regime: Fulltime Standort: BE - Louvain-la-Neuve
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Job Description

Description de l'emploi




The mission of our software team is to develop state of the art software solutions to enable IBA to deliver high level of service for its proton therapy systems (PTS) deployed all over the world. Our goal is to give our own IBA engineers the right tools to ensure we can deliver the best possible uptime for the PTS systems. To reach this goal we are developing a custom-built web-application that can be seen as a ‘service portal’ for all IBA employees that need valuable insights of what’s happening with the systems in operation, anywhere in the world, in near-realtime.This software also includes for instance the execution of machine learning models used to predict failures and guidance in troubleshooting procedures.

Duties and Responsibilities

As a Software Engineer, your responsibilities will be to:
  • Assist in the technical design of the software products
  • Develop production-grade code for the software product
  • Develop customized screens & components for data visualization and result analysis
  • Develop the needed business logic on the back-end part of the software
  • Ensure sufficient testing code coverage
  • Ensure the complete technical documentation of the solutions is available
  • Support the analysis and the resolution of the identified issues during the lifetime of the product





You have
  • a Master degree in Computer Science, or an equivalent experience in software development
  • strong experience with container technologies (Docker, docker-compose and Kubernetes)
  • experience in backend development of Web applications and at ease with various languages and frameworks:
    • Flask/Quart/Django (Python 3.5+)
    • Springboot 2+ (Java 8+/Kotlin ecosystem, maven/gradle as build tools
  • knowledge about different programming models and paradigms (event-driven architecture, SOA, asynchronous VS synchronous)
  • experience in web technologies (Angular 8+, Typescript, GraphQL)
  • Experience with standard development workflows (git, code reviews, continous integration and deployment)
  • familiarity with Agile and DevOps concepts
  • at least 3 years of experience in a similar function or role
  • excellent communication skills in English, knowledge of French is an asset
You are:
  • A polyvalent full-stack developer with a healthy interest in MS Azure cloud technologies
  • Fascinated by new technologies and always willing to update your knowledge
  • A team player, open minded and focused on delivering quality and value
  • Able to organize your work autonomously and propose initiatives
  • Willing to occasionally travel (<10% of your time)





Who are we?

Innovating for life since 1986, IBA has become the global leader in proton therapy, considered as the most advanced and accurate form of radiotherapy in cancer treatments using ionizing rays.
Thanks to the unique properties of protons, tumors can be targeted more accurately while limiting exposure of the surrounding healthy tissues
We provide two types of therapy center: the IBA’s Proteus®PLUS which offer a multi-room solution and the Proteus®ONE who is a more compact single room solution that is easier to install, integrate and operate.
To date, more than 58 world renowned medical institutions have built a Particle Therapy Center with IBA across 3 continents.
Sustainability commitment   
As a company, we are focused on striking the right balance between our stakeholders: increasing our market share and the return for our shareholders, improving the quality of life of our customers, patients and employees, and contributing to the well-being of our society, while also maintaining and restoring our planet’s health.
Our Proton Therapy Solutions are targeted towards the same objective of making a positive impact on patient health by providing health care professionals with the most effective and accurate solutions for diagnosis and treatment.
Check out our webpage sustainability to find out more!
Innovation at the core: shaping the future of proton therapy
We dare designing innovative solutions because we aim for better treatment. That is why our teams are focused on continuously improving the quality and stability of our Proteus®ONE and Proteus®PLUS solutions.
IBA constantly improve the proton therapy technology for the benefit of patients. We work diligently to advance proton therapy, in close collaboration with our customers and through R&D partnerships.
If you want to discover the new technologies we are working on as well as our different business unit, read our new brochure





The identity of IBA is characterized by a group of colleagues driven by motivation, curiosity, creativity, the desire to learn on a daily basis, by technical challenges and above all by a highly developed team and family spirit that makes the daily life smoother and more enjoyable!
By joining a team of about 40 nationalities and working on more than 45 different sites on 3 continents, IBA offers you the opportunity of a meaningful career with a direct impact in the fight against cancer.​
We are driven by: ​
  • Innovating in a cutting-edge technology environment ​
  • Developing professional and personal skills by learning on the Job; by participating in challenging projects; top class courses ​
  • Evolving in a friendly culture environment based upon solid values (dare - share - care - be fair) ​
  • Acting autonomously and belonging to motivated teams with good work-life balance ​
  • Contributing to a company where sustainability, safety and well-being are key to our success

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Software Engineer – Full stack developer

Region: Belgium Kind of contract: Open-ended Work regime: Fulltime Location: BE - Louvain-la-Neuve

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